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Dr. Randy Kobayashi has been in practice in Lake Country since 1979.  The primary care provided is for spine and related conditions regardless of age.    Spine problems often occur through events associated with sport, work, or accident  which will be easy for most patients to identify.   At other times no immediate cause is identified but the common feeling of loss of movement to one direction and soreness of muscles are usual first signs or symptoms.  These effects or symptoms should not be confused as being a muscle problem but instead help you understand which area or part of the spine may be causing the condition.

When these or more obvious pains occur and do not show a decrease within 2 days you should contact the office for an examination.    Spine and related problems that do not improve early by themselves may begin to develop nerve and related disc symptoms.

Our office is located at 9750 Read Road in Lake Country, BC.

Lake Country Chiropractic is an authorized retailer of Sole Orthotic footbeds and footwear, Adeeva vitamins and nutritional supplements and Kintec orthotics.


Lake Country Chiropractic
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